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Health Shots

(2 oz)   2.75  


lemon . ginger . cayenne


apple . fresh turmeric . black pepper

not available for take away

Fresh Pressed Juice

(32 oz/946 ml)   13.5   |   (16 oz/473 ml)   7.5  |   (12 oz/354 ml)   6.5


carrot . beet . apple . cucumber . lemon . parsley

NOURISH is your well-rounded nutritional workhorse,
ready to go as lunch on the run or as a virtuous
fourth meal to keep your metabolism burning bright.


apple . cucumber . kale . lemon . ginger

drink in a little righteousness: DETOX is an ideal
morning ritual, a simple way to get your daily greens,
and the fast track to a super-natural (and legal) high.


apple . pineapple . ginger . mint

had a few too many last night? CLEANSE doesn't judge.
hit your personal ctrl + alt + delete button anytime to
lighten the toll of life's little indulgences on your body.


carrot . apple . yam . ginger . cinnamon

needing a little extra boost today?
VITALIZE mineralizes, balances hormones,
powers the brain, and protects the heart.


carrot . orange . grapefruit . ginger . cayenne

catch your second wind to sail through the afternoon,
the morning routine or an all-nighter. also your secret
weapon for immunity, REJUVENATE protects you
from all the bad stuff out there.


cucumber . pineapple . coconut water . pear . lime

feeling completely spent after a hot yoga session or tough
run? replenish and stay the healthy course with QUENCH,
or get back on it the morning after a late night.



watermelon . lime . mint

dehydrated from the sweltering heat or after that jog along
the seawall? HYDRATE is the real "Gator-ade", replenishing your
body with the lost water and electrolytes. do your body a favor and
stay cool and refreshed during the summers in Vancouver.

Fresh Blended Juice

(32 oz/946 ml)   14.75   |   (16 oz/473 ml)   8.5   |   (12 oz/354 ml)   7.5


apple . orange . lemon . blended with banana & mango*

*made with fresh mango (not purée or canned)


apple . orange . blended with banana & strawberry*

*made with fresh strawberry (not purée or canned)

Juice Add Ons

with our gluten friendly selections, we cannot guarantee that any items
have not come into contact with gluten or other allergens.

consult with your health care provider if you have any pre-existing
medical conditions, or plan on making changes in your diet

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